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The TBAP 16 -19 Academic AP Academy is due to open in September 2016. The school will provide an academic curriculum to meet the needs of learners who would otherwise be unlikely or unable to achieve their full academic potential and gain access to Higher Education. These learners have previously suffered a disrupted or troubled educational experience, but have shown at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 that they possess the ability, desire and capability to progress to university if the right teaching, support and educational context are made available to them. The TBAP 16 -19 Academic AP Academy will transform lives by providing a pathway to a university education for learners who otherwise would not have been presented with this opportunity.

Safeguarding Policy

The identified cohort would consist of learners who undertake Key Stage 4 in a range of non-mainstream, alternative provision (AP) settings including: 11-16 AP Academies, Pupil Referral Units and independent special schools in Central and West London. The TBAP 16 -19 Academic AP Academy will provide a relevant alternative to the mainstream Sixth Form and Further Education offer focusing on providing equality of access to education and improving social mobility for this key group of learners. The TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy is a particularly exciting development which bears testament to the commitment of the TBAP Multi-Academy Trust to meet the needs of vulnerable young people throughout their lives by giving every child every chance to succeed.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. Within this website you will find information about us and the services we can offer you. We are sure that there will be something within the offer that will grab your attention and make you want to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Executive headteacher – Krishna Purbhoo
Head of school (Interim) – Gemma Dixon

TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy
Finlay Street,
t: 0203 108 0345
f: 0207 610 8349

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