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Kellie Thomas

Marie Thomas

Kellie Thomas works independtly in the area of people and systems development, supporting individuals and organisations to achieve long term success in areas that matter most to them. She achieves this through a range of tools including facilitation, coaching/consultancy and training.

Kellie's work focuses on establishing partnerships between communities and organisations, helping them to build positive, lasting relationships through effective communication, heightening awareness and encouraging appreciation of one another's perspective.

Having worked in health for 11+ years, she has acquired experience across a range of areas including personal development, communities of practice, patient insight, experience and involvement, governance, business operations, research and recruitment.

Kellie graduated with a degree in Business and HR Management in 2004 and has since acquired further qualifications to support her work. She is married with a 15 year old son who attends TBAP Bridge Academy.

Having recently been appointed as chair of the Bridge local advisory board, Kellie loves being part of the TBAP family and continues to advocate on behalf of those who are less able to have their voice heard.


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