The TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy:

Opening in September 2016, the TBAP 16-19 Academic Alternative Provision Academy is an exciting new school which aims to raise the aspirations and opportunities for young people across West London who would otherwise be unlikely or unable to achieve their full academic potential and gain access to Higher Education. Based in a new purpose-built school in Fulham our provision will offer a highly personalised, supportive yet rigorous academic curriculum. Our purpose is to transform lives by providing a pathway to a university education for learners who would not otherwise have this opportunity.

Curriculum innovation:

The TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy will offer an innovative new curriculum, which is expressly designed to meet the needs of young people who have previously suffered a disrupted or troubled educational experience, but have shown at Key Stage 4 that they possess the ability, desire and capability to progress to university if the right teaching, support and educational context are made available to them.

The Academic Curriculum:

TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This school is pursuing authorisation as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy believes is important for our students.

Young people will study a broad range of subjects, delivered by subject-specialist teachers drawn from across our TBAP family of schools. The IBDP is designed to prepare young people for study at university and aims to develop the skills needed for success in Higher Education and beyond.

Mentoring and Support:

Each young person at the TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy will receive a personalised mentoring program, tailored to their needs. An extended school day, coupled with supported, after-school study sessions running daily until 5 pm, will provide the foundation to enable our young learners to achieve their full academic potential.

Resilience curriculum:

We recognise that success at Higher Education requires skills that are learned inside and outside of the classroom. Learners at the TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy will also take part in a series of experiences designed to develop personal effectiveness.

Special Educational Needs:

As a TBAP school, the TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy will be able to support young people with a range of special educational needs. Therapeutic interventions, including music and art therapy, and family support therapy will be available. Our staff team is drawn from across the TBAP family of provisions, and is highly trained in meeting the needs of learners with special educational needs and circumstances.