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TBAP Cambridge AP Academy supports up to 35 Secondary learners who have experienced difficulties with their learning and behaviour in mainstream school. The Academy takes referrals from a wide variety of secondary schools across Cambridge and the surrounding villages, predominantly focussing on Years 9-11. Learners are taught in small groups and follow a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, Food Technology and PE and have the choice of two further options from two blocks. All learners also follow a CEIAG programme from Y9 to Y11 which has been recognised by the Local Authority CEIAG Manager as ‘Very Good’. At KS3, the core curriculum is supported by an Enrichment programme which aims to develop learners' social skills, resilience and love of learning in different settings. There is an aspiration that all KS4 learners have a weekly timetable of work experience to help them prepare and make informed choices about their future pathways. Learners who are struggling to engage are supported with a creative wraparound programme which can include home tuition and is supported by the TBAP Inclusion Panel that monitors all learners on a bi-weekly basis.  

Learners receive extra support for Literacy and Numeracy delivered by a team of Learning Support Professionals. Learners also benefit from a weekly enrichment programme which helps them explore a healthy lifestyle and to experience outdoor pursuits and promote team-building. We work closely with families and outside agencies to give learners the skills and resilience they need to be safe, to raise their expectations of themselves as successful citizens, and to encourage them to be life-long learners. In everything we do to support young people we are driven by our vision of ‘purpose, Aspiration, Pathways’.

Young people come to us so at varying points in their life journeys through the expertise, care, strong relationships and understanding of what they need we have a strong track record of enhancing their life opportunities. Learners outcomes from their starting points at mainstream school are improving year on year.

All of our school community (family) are proud of our school, we have exceptional young people that all have amazing skills and attributes, our job is to find these and allow them to thrive!

Tony Machin – Head of School

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Some quotes from the significant bodies that oversee, support and advise us at TBAP Cambridge;

‘Outcomes have significantly improved’… ‘attendance data has significantly improved’… ‘thanked the TBAP team for the good work done and that it was clear that there had been real improvements made this year’.

Local Advisory Board June 2020

‘Leaders show a thorough understanding of the school’s context
and the regular challenges this Presents’.

Ofsted September 2019

‘The new head of school is building on the improvements of the previous executive headteacher’… ‘Staff morale is high… Staff build strong relationships with pupils’.

Ofsted September 2018

'Relationships between staff and learners in the school are impressive and help create an atmosphere of trust. School leaders’ strong understanding of learners’ emotional wellbeing means that learners are making greater progress in terms of attendance and progress that they have in previous schools.'

Dynamic School review Dec 2017

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. Within this website you will find information about us and the services we can offer you. We are sure that there will be something within the offer that will grab your attention and make you want to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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Head of School - Tony Machin

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