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(Commissioning and School Support)

Commissioning and School Support (CSS) provides interventions in schools and centres to support the inclusion of learners whose behaviour is causing concern and preventing them achieving in education.
Provision includes:

TBAP Intervention: Primary
A team of teacher consultants, specialist teachers and Learning Support Professionals provide a range of interventions for primary schools. The focus of intervention includes individuals; classes; groups; teachers; support staff; whole school staff; parents’ groups and projects. The team also offers CPD to schools on behavioural issues, including NQT and TA induction, and supporting pupils with ADHD.

TBAP Intervention: Secondary
The Secondary Intervention team provides a range of off-site placements for learners who need support to overcome barriers to learning in order to be successful in a mainstream environment. These take place at four sites across London:

Hammersmith & Fulham: Childerley Centre
Westminster: The Westminster Education Centre
Kensington & Chelsea: Golborne Education Centre
Haringey: The Haringey Education Centre

Managed Interventions
TBAP provide bespoke Managed Intervention programmes to support learners in addressing negative patterns of behaviour in order to return to their mainstream schools. This includes our tailormade PSHE programme, aimed at addressing and removing barriers to learning in order to improve learners’ chances of success upon their return. Placements consist of:

• Initial assessment
• Individualised Programmes
• Joint reintegration planning and support

6 Day + Exclusions
Short term placements for learners on fixed term exclusions, placements include additional support to help learners to re-engage with their education.

Assessment Placements (5 days)
Assessments are designed to assist schools in managing difficult and challenging behaviours within a mainstream setting. An assessment of the learner’s attainment and behavioural needs is conducted which includes the completion of a range of online tests as well as classroom observation. Schools are provided with a detailed report outlining strategies and recommendations for support.

Portobello Road Centre
The Portobello Road Centre is located in Kensington and Chelsea and offers up to 15 places for vulnerable learners and learners new to the borough in Key Stages 3 and 4.

Commissioning of third sector and independent alternative provision providers
TBAP commissions services from a range of independent and third sector alternative provision providers.
CSS also quality-assures AP providers, to ensure the provision meets the needs of the learners. TBAP has produced a directory of approved providers; this is available to view at

CSS is Proud to part of TBAP Multi-Academy Trust