Fox by Erin O'Shaughnessy

Year 10 October 2015

Tonal Collage by Rashaun Clarke

Year 8 October 2015

Blonde lady by Amber - Rio-Tuite

Year 11 October 2015

Charcoal & Chalk feather Jian Diego Chalarca-Rosta

Year 8 October 2015

Paint Splats by Bethany McDonald

Year 11 October 2015

Order and Disorder -By Yoel Festum

Year 11 GCSE Art Exam preparation - 2015

Order and Disorder by Nerimine Rebhaoui

Year 11 GCSE Art Mock Exam; Preparation work, mixed media

KS3 Art Still Life in the style of Patrick Caulfield - By Testi Shola

Year 9 October 2015

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