About us

Octavia AP Academy supports up to 35 secondary learners who have experienced difficulties with their learning and behaviour in mainstream school. We take referrals from a wide variety of secondary schools across Fenland, Cambridgeshire and focus predominately on years 9 – 11. Learners are taught in small, well supported groups and follow a broad curriculum of English, Maths, Science, ICT, PE, SMSC and a range of College courses.

Learners receive additional support for literacy and numeracy which is delivered by a team of experienced Learning Support Professionals. In addition, learners at KS3 benefit from an enrichment programme that gives them the opportunity to explore healthy lifestyles and to experience activities that encourages team building. To further enhance this work we run a range of extracurricular activities that can be accessed by all learners covering a wide range of learner interests.

What we provide

A cornerstone of our work at Octavia focuses on working closely with families and outside agencies. We place great emphasis on developing learner resilience and giving each learner the necessary skills so that they can safely and successfully take their place in the communities that they live in.

Head of School: Nick Morley
Executive Head: Angela Tempany

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