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The Trust

The TBAP Multi-Academy Trust was established in March 2013. The Trust Board maintains strategic and statutory responsibility for TBAP Academies and services. In addition Local Advisory Boards support each AP Academy. The Local Advisory Boards report to Regional Advisory Boards.

Leadership across TBAP is distributed through teams. The TBAP Central Executive Team (CET) provides the interface with the TBAP Board of Trustees and who are responsible for the overall conduct of all academies and service teams under the TBAP banner. Each academy has its own Senior Leadership Team (SLT) which is responsible for internal organisation, management and the deployment of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Articles of Association
TBAP Trust Board Sub-Committee Structure Terms of Reference
RAB - Regional Advisory Board Terms of reference
LAB - Local Advisory Board Terms of Reference
Register of Board Trustees and Members' Interests
Governance Meeting Dates
Finance Handbook and Scheme of Delegation