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Helen Cross

Marie Thomas

Education Consultant 

Helen Cross is a highly experienced educational and skills professional with a passion for making sure every person has the best opportunity to succeed in life. She believes that everyone has a right to the best education and skills training they can access, regardless of starting point or age. This is the foundation for being able to make changes and progress in life. She knows that this work is often carried out within the Third Sector and that it can be difficult to find the time within these organisations to take a step back to fund raise, or clarify a strategic direction.

Her consultancy is geared towards the Third Sector, mainstream education providers and local authorities to take the load off day to day business. Her work is often behind the scenes, fundraising with senior leaders or as a project manager, allowing staff to continue with their front line business. The consultancy is tailored to fit the size and needs of the organisation. Her consultation package can be either time-bound (for example, to run a particular project), or longer term, providing ongoing advice and guidance about the impact of both national and local policy changes.

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