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Philip Rham

Philip Rham

Philip has been actively involved in the provision of primary school special needs in Hammersmith and Fulham for over fifteen years now.

He started at Gibbs Green Special School as a governor, soon becoming vice chair.  He was on the finance committee and teacher performance panels. He played a major part in transferring this provision to a mainstream site at Langford Primary School, where he became a governor with responsibility for special needs, thereby maintaining the connection with the newly set-up COURTYARD provision and also becoming chair of the PPRU Management Committee within the newly set-up PENTHOUSE provision. This also involved attending the regular PPRU panels where assessments are made of the progress and development of children in the provision.

With the advent of TBAP he was keen to continue his association by becoming a member firstly of the Joint Management Committee, being appointed vice chair, then becoming a director on the board of the new academy, also member of the finance committee and continuing to attend the regular PPRU panel meetings.

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