2nd Annual TBAP TSA System Leaders Conference

The 2016 TSA Conference proved to be an exciting and invigorating day for all, bringing together 90 leaders from across the country. Leaders left with exciting and fresh ideas around provision for challenging and vulnerable learners. You can see the Key Notes filmed, and access all the workshop material from the 7 sessions.

Video footage;

If you would like to watch the video footage from the keyspeakers of the event as it unfolded please click on the following links below:

Video 1: Seamus Oates - Introduction
Video 2: Suzanne O'Farrell ASCL - Assessment
Video 3: Carlene Firmin MsUnderstood - CSE and the role of education

Key speakers

Please find below Powerpoint files of the speakers from the 2nd Annual TBAP TSA Conference
held on Monday 9 May 2016

Suzanne O'Farrell ASCL - Assessment
Key Note.ppt

Carlene Firmin MsUnderstood - CSE and the role of education
Key Note .ppt

TBAP Workshop Material

Comments from the conference

@SandyMDavies Hot topic of the day #tbapconf - lots to think about for AP assessment for the future

@PivotalCarl Nothing better than being surrounded by great teachers passionate about their work #tbapconf

@Veebond Great Keynote speech @TBAPTSA Refreshing

@TBAPTSA Reflecting on #tbapconf - colleague new to AP noted how honest, open and keen to share/collaborate our sector is

“Interesting approach”

“Forensic focus on behaviour - impressive”


“This reaffirms my beliefs in the direction AP is taking”

”Good! Thought provoking”

“Very detailed presentation and good discussion”

“Excellent practical solution”

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