TBAP TSA has developed a set of modules which address specific issues related to teaching in Alternative Provision. Some of these modules are transferable to other settings and would be useful for members of staff who wish to develop their understanding and knowledge.

Completing NPQML/SL with TBAP
Are you an aspiring leader or new to a leadership role? We deliver the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML) and the the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL) across Warrington and North-West England, Cambridgeshire and London. These qualifications are nationally recognised and have made a significant difference to the career development of previous participants. There may be the opportunity for fully funded places. Please contact jappleton@tbap.org.uk to express interest and explore these opportunities further. 

Below is a list of some of the areas
our CPD sessions cover:-

The Use of SIMs

What data is stored in SIMS? How can I access it and use it to support learning? What does it tell me?


An outline of some of the forms of special needs that learners present and strategies to deal with them.

Anger Management

What are the processes that learners go through to combat their anger and modify their behaviour? Find out more

Leadership Styles

What kind of leader are you or would you be? Which styles get the best outcomes?

Love of Learning - Mind sets

A look at the work of Carol Dweck and how it applies to your practice in the classroom.

Coaching in a School Setting

Ever wondered how to move people forward? Learn how to use a supportive process that has long term impact.

Working with Parents

For those people who may not have experience in working closely with parents over a period of time.

Behaviour for Learning

How do you get the behaviour you want to ensure the maximum amount of learning in lessons?

Using The Learning Support Professional

Do you have other professionals in your lessons? Are you using them effectively?

Assessment Models and Systems with AP

Looks at the models and systems used across TBAP to measure progress over time. (Can be adapted to suit other settings if required)

The use of ICT

Basic ICT skills for those who may not be comfortable with using ICT. (Could be tailored to meet individual needs with specific requests)

Online Learning

Does the idea of allowing the use of mobile devices in your lessons worry you? Learn about the programmes and apps that can support your teaching.

Action Research

Are you looking at career development and need to do some action research? Come and get some ideas and share with those who are already taking part in their own projects.

Attachment Theory

Ever wondered why your learners behave the way they do? Want to find out what the behaviour is hiding?

The Use of Data to Personalise Learning

Make sense of the plethora of data used in education and share good practice in using it for the benefit of your learners.

Securing Good or Better Teaching

Stuck In a rut? Need some ideas or strategies to move on? Come and find out the tricks of the trade.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Would you like to have your learners helping each other with their learning instead of asking you all of the questions? Come and find out how.

Team Teach (Whole School Delivery)

Team Teach is a whole school approach to behaviour management using de-escalation techniques and, if necessary, physical restraint. Training can be arranged for small or whole school staff groups.

Assessment CPD