About us

The TBAP Unity Academy has a clear focus on improved behaviour and follows the overarching TBAP Behaviour and Keeping Safe Policies. As such we have a set of expectations that all children must work within. These are based around safety, respect and learning. When things go well learners are rewarded in various ways. When Learners’ behaviour is less than acceptable school staff adopt restorative approaches which aim to repair harm and restore order so that effective working relationships continue.

We are an Academy where belonging, growth and achievement are at the core of all we do. These are important to our purpose, procedures and practice. We aim to provide a sense of security so that everyone feels safe, confident and can demonstrate respect for both themselves and others. We encourage a sense of responsibility and accountability, with an awareness of fairness and an appreciation of diversity in an atmosphere aimed at realising and developing potential through challenge.


For more information contact:
Head of School : Jane Lancaster-Adlam
Executive Head Teacher