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TBAP Unity Academy Annual Speech Day Ceremony June 2020, learners are recognised for their outstanding efforts and  achievements. There are a variety of categories which enables as many learners to receive awards  Sports Colours, Certificates and Trophies designed by Unity Learners, it is an opportunity to invite parents carers and learners and share memories and reflect on the school year. We invite guest speakers to attend as well as our Head Boy and Head Girl to present speeches. It was an honour to present  the LGBTQ+ Award to a learner who has been a leader for Diversity and Inclusion within the school. The Awards encompass the TBAP Vision Resilience, Compassion and Innovation which is Unity.

Sarah Anderson-Rawlins - Head of School

Leavers Day Ceremony - The Speeches

Unity Prize Giving Speech - June 2020

Through my time at Unity, I've really been able to flourish - both in my academic studies, as well as socially - through individualised teaching and intervention. I arrived at Unity around three years ago, after struggling to adapt to the new level of independence required in a mainstream secondary setting. With nearly a full academic year outside of education, I was disadvantaged - but the staff made certain to ensure I caught up quickly, and my progress was such that I was able to enter the majority of my GCSE examinations early, at the end of Year 10, recording good grades across the board. In addition to these academic achievements, I've gained valuable skills (particularly confidence) through participating in the varied extra-curricular opportunities available to me during these years: including representing the school football team, leading the winning 'house' in last year's house competitions, and more recently taking up the role of head boy within the school. I've always appreciated the support of staff to help me participate in these events, and undertake these roles. Ultimately, all things come to an end at some point; In September, I'll be transitioning back into a mainstream setting for my sixth form study. But with the skills Unity have helped me develop, I'm confident I will succeed in this new environment. The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone's lives in a way unimaginable just six months ago, and has abruptly affected the end of this current academic year. I'm sad that my time at Unity did conclude in this way, but the manner in which I have understood and accepted the changes to my daily routine shows how much I have developed during my time at this school. I'll make sure to stay in touch, but it's now time for me to move back into a mainstream environment, to access a wide offer of post-16 study, and further prepare for adult life. A big Thank You again to all the staff who have supported me over these past three years.

Chris Parry


Hello everyone!
So you see in a galaxy far, far away there was a terrified, shy girl who couldn't leave the house due to many, MANY things. However a little birdy told me, well, my mum, about a school. And this school let me tell you, did wonders! TBAP has opened pathways i never thought existed in a world like mine. I've made friends with incredible personalities and teachers that mean a lot to me. During our time together we've laughed, cried, had happy times and some sad times. These are moments that i will remember for the rest of my life. Having the privilege of the role of head girl has given me the opportunity to learn values that i will take with me in many walks of life; Such as responsibility, time management and being a voice for my peers. With the opportunity to share my thoughts and my peers' thoughts with teachers for the hope of a productive change, i'm pleased to say that TBAP have always taken this very seriously and acted upon, giving the student voice the confidence to speak out. Some big changes have come to light like tackling bullying, making sure every student feels safe. The climate change and environment issue, bringing in recycle bins or creating a nature garden attracting wildlife. And the LGBTQ+, encouraging and teaching learners to be themselves and proud of it. The three years i've spent at TBAP have been life-changing, confidence building and unforgettable. I'd like to thank Mrs Paul in particular for her constant support, encouragement and mentor-ship. All of the teachers and staff have been a fantastic role model and an absolute joy to spend time with. I mean, how could i not forget about all the cheese ball references? TBAP has given me the opportunity to progress to college and pursue my passion of conservation, to which i thank you for the wonderful 3 years. Here's to the future.

Anastacia Aldrich

Parents Comments following the awards ceremony

I am so proud of everyone at Unity, There are no words that are big enough to express my feelings for you all. What you have given Amber i will be forever grateful. Your dedication and love has given Amber the best start in her journey. Thankyou Unity, I will miss you all. love and forever in my heart,
Ambers Mum


Defiantly had tears and a big lump in my throat watching the speeches today. Well done! To all the learners be proud of yourselves. A big thank you to the amazing staff who have supported/ encouraged them as well, so proud Ana is going back to support / help students.
Anas Mum 


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Head of School – Sarah Anderson-Rawlins