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TBAP's Vision for 2020

TBAP Multi-Academy Trust was established in 2013 to deliver alternative provision education in West London. Over the last three years it has undergone rapid and impressive growth to become the leading Multi-Academy Trust of its type in the country. I am privileged to work alongside a dynamic, forward-thinking staff team which has always striven
to deliver the best possible outcomes for our learners.

Seamus Oates Tbap 2020 Vision

The entire staff, Trust board members, learners and external partners have spent 2015 working together to formulate a vision for 2020. This document describes that vision and the beginning of our five year journey to achieve the three key principles that underpin the TBAP 2020 vision. These principles are built on TBAP’s belief that all children have the potential to become successful adults. Strong and healthy relationships with the learners and with each other mean that staff really know the learners and their needs and can ensure success is achieved by providing exactly the right support. Learning has always been placed at the heart of our organisation and the TBAP 2020 vision enhances this belief.

TBAP learners and alumni consistently articulate the value of our work and the intensive support and education they have received in our academies and services. I am extremely excited and thrilled by the prospect of leading our organisation into 2020 and realising the delivery of our vision.

Seamus Oates CBE - CEO TBAP Multi-Academy Trust

Please see our TBAP 2020 Vision Booklet

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